Maître Silverman’s practice is currently not generally taking new clients for litigation or other long-term mandates. However, we offer initial consultations in the following areas and depending on the case, will accept certain mandates or refer you to other lawyers for more information. In an initial consultation, the goal is to understand your situation and orient you towards your options in terms of resources or recourses. For most clients, these 90 minute consultations are sufficient for navigating the issue they are facing and making informed decisions as a result.

Civil Law

From contracts not honoured by your business partner to questions of consumer protection, and from suing someone for personal injury to property disputes between neighbours, civil law encompasses all areas of law involving two or more individuals (or businesses) having a dispute about property, money or individual rights. Occasionally it can involve an individual and the government. For more information, get in touch.

Sexual Assault and Child Sexual Abuse

As a member of the National Victims of Crime Bar Association (of the United States) and an active member of its Child Sexual Abuse subsection, Max works with many survivors of abuse and assault to seek justice in the civil courts. While criminal proceedings can be long and painful for survivors to endure, many find justice in suing their abuser and the institutions that protect and enable the aggressors.

While money cannot undo what happened to you, an economic award from a court can be the first of many steps of recovering from the abuse endured in helping to undo the very real damages suffered by the abuse.

Max practices trauma-informed legal representation and believes in putting survivors’ perspectives, comfort levels and needs above all else in this domain of law. Max works with a network of other resource people for survivors of assault and abuse, from cyber-security experts to financial planners to psychologists. We believe in getting real and lasting Justice for our clients.

Penal Law

Penal Law refers to all law involving the individual and the punitive mechanisms of the state. From municipal by-laws, to Highway Safety Code infractions, and some Criminal Code violations, Max Silverman has a strong record of defending the rights of the accused and the incarcerated. He also works in collaboration with a number of more-specialized criminal lawyers in Montreal in more complicated matters.

Small Business Law

From individual enterprises to business partnerships to corporations, we believe strongly in the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be it choosing the business model that best meets your needs, incorporating, dealing with a supplier or commercial landlord, or collecting money from a client who owes you for your goods or services, Max Silverman offers services for small businesses that are accessible and affordable and tailored to the needs of your business and its limited resources.

Non-profit law

There are many advantages to incorporating your association or organization as a registered non-profit organization (NPO). However, the process of doing so can be complicated and once established, there are legally binding obligations on all NPOs. We can help you at any stage of the process from founding to structuring your organization’s by-laws to maintaining your organization dealing with any small bumps or major crises along the way: chairing meetings, advising on human resources and labour relations, and conflict-resolution management.